Each General aviation/private incoming flight, flown by non- Israeli licensed pilot, must apply for an advance Security Arrival Permit to the TEL AVIV FIR, as required by AIP Israel. The security arrival application will be submitted by this website to the (ASOC). The website will automatically verify that all of the required information was submitted and generate an instantaneous confirmation of successful receipt.
In case the pilot doesn’t have access to the website, he may submit his security arrival application in writing by Fax No. +972(3)9599807 or E-mail ( and wait to receive a written confirmation that his application has been successfully received. For submittal of an over flight and landing application by fax or E-mail the applicant must download the GA Arrival Application form (GAS-15-06-07) from the ‘Download Form’ library of this website. Press the ‘Download Forms’ icon on top of this page to open the 
‘Download Form’ index page. Download the applicable form and fill in at least the mandatory information designated in the form by *
The ASOC will process the application within the timeframes stated by AIP Israel and will issue a pending approval or a denial notification to the applicant. The Pending Permission Notification or the Denial Permission Notification will be sent by means of fax to the applicant fax number filled in the application. The ASOC will assign an application number for every application; the application number is clearly designated on the approval or denial notification which must be quoted in any correspondence related to that specific application. The pending approval will become a Final Security Arrival Permit only after the pilot has submitted an ‘Entry Code’ as described in the
It is the responsibility of the pilot in-command of the aircraft to verify that all the information filled-in, is complete and accurate and to certify it by clicking the submit button at the bottom of the last page of the form. Operators of large fleets of business and private aircrafts may apply the MOT Security Department for certifying specific managers for the submission and confirmation of arrival permit applications instead of the pilot-in command of the flight.
In any case it is the responsibility of the pilot in-command to verify that the flight to Israel is operated in compliance with the information submitted by this form e.g. the aircraft ID, the flight route, the crew members’ identity and their personal information, the passengers' identity and their personal information as filled-in in this form.
The application must be submitted in English.

Note! The pilot in-command, shall neither submit a Flight-Plan, nor depart to Israel before receiving a Confirmation Form to the application and submission of an Entry Code for the Arrival Identification Procedure. Operators and pilots are herein notified that sending flight plans without receiving a Confirmation Form to the application and submission of an Entry Code is strictly prohibited. Such flight plans will be rejected and aircraft will be denied entry into the TEL AVIV FIR.

To submit your Arrival Permit Application please log in. The applicable on-line from will automatically prompt upon logging in. Use the User Name and Password as received form the ASOC. The Security Arrival Application Form page will automatically prompt upon log in.

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